Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Post Ever!

Hi guys! 

I am assuming that most people who are reading this blog know me in some shape or form but if not, I wanted to introduce myself with a description of what I intend for this blog as well as a tiny bio!

First of all, I am by no means a brilliant writer, nor do I have brilliant ideas that no one has heard of before, but I felt inspired to write a blog because there are certain things that I have strong opinions on, and there is so much stuff out there that I just think is so awesome it needs to be shared! I cannot promise I will post something everyday, or even every week, but at this point I am feeling inspired so I thought I might as well share while I have the time!

Naming this blog turned out to be way more difficult than I had anticipated! Trying to sound creative, witty, and intentional without sounding like I spent a week thinking of a silly title, which I did, had me wracking my brain. With a little (A LOT) of help from my mom, I finalized “On The Half Shell.” The more I thought about “On The Half Shell,” the more I realized it really did work as a title for several reasons. 

Used most often to describe a way in which oysters are prepared and served, this expression brings back many memories of one of my favorite places in the world, Cape Charles, VA. Not far from Virginia Beach, my grandparents moved over to this quiet town when I was probably 10. Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to get to Cape Charles brings on a sense of forced relaxation. I love that cell phone service is spotty because it makes the cell phones disappear for a couple of days. I love that you can ride your bike the circumference of the whole town in less than an hour and wave to everyone you pass on the way. I love that the Chesapeake Bay plays such a huge role for this town because Cape Charles thrives off of the marinas which house everything from tall mast sailboats, to fishing boats, to motorboats, and everything in between. It was in Cape Charles that I first tried a raw oyster, which happened to be on the half shell. That was over ten years ago, and while I still do not enjoy eating raw oysters (I LOVE steamed oysters, though), I am thankful for the memories they bring. 

The other reason the whole oysters on the half shell thing applies to this blog is because what you will be reading is raw. I articulate myself best when I have time to think out exactly what I mean to say and then write it down. There may be topics that I have never discussed before with acquaintances but it will be something I believe and have the desire to share. Do not worry, there will be lots of lighthearted, fun recipes, and probably times where I will simply make fun of myself too! I apologize in advance for any misspelled words, bad grammar, or periods where I just don’t post anything for a while!

Brief and simple facts of my life:

·    I love Jesus and I am constantly struggling to strengthen my relationship with Him.
·      I grew up in the beautiful Virginia Beach!
·      I am the oldest of four girls!

photo by the wonderful Meg Hutchinson
·      My cool dude parents work hard to provide for us and have instilled some intense work ethic/determination into my sisters and me.
·      I’ve been told I am a 35 year old stuck in a 21 year old’s body. (Is this a compliment or a sad truth??)
·      Sometimes I say things too bluntly.
·      I have been dating the same amazing guy since high school!

·      I love children, especially babies!
·      I went to Wofford College, down in South Carolina, for two years!
·      Now I go to the University of Virginia where I study nursing! 
·      I have a cute kitten named Bo and an awesomely chunky family pup named Weezie.

Bo helps with On The Half Shell
·      I am stubborn.
·      I have been blessed with several huge role models, which I will have to elaborate on in future posts, because there is just too much to say!

These basic truths of my life are some of the greatest factors when it comes down to who and what have molded me into the young woman I am today.

If you aren’t turned away by my bad grammar, quick bullet-pointed bio, or cutesy pictures, come back tomorrow! I am diving right in with two posts! The first will be about serving God through serving other people and then on a lighter note, I will be sharing one of my favorite summer recipes!


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