Monday, July 22, 2013

Finished Chair!

I finally finished the project that was taking over my kitchen. The work was tedious but I think that this re-covered chair is now one of my favorites in the house! Here are the many stages of the project spread out over a few days...

The chair that I knew and loved from our childhood rooms:

 My mom re-covered the chair with this fun fabric to fit in 
our nurseries and kids' rooms... I am still sad that the polkadots didn't match the new place! 

Step 1: Taking off ALL the layers
This white layer was directly under the polkadot fabric.

 I was getting sentimental taking off each layer of fabric... with as much time as I put into this project, I imagined Momma doing the same re-covering of the chair for our nurseries and then even my Nana re-covering the original chair. Each layer has its own little history! 

This layer was under the white fabric and would have totally matched
our furniture but I was already in project mode at that point and the new
fabric had already been purchased!

I realized, almost too late, that this green and white fabric was holding in extra padding that my Nana
 had added when she re-covered the original chair with this fabric.
Here is just a glimpse of the bottom-most layer!

Then my roommate Sarah came home, and she "helped!"

Step 2: Pinning and then when you think you have done enough pinning, pin some more

Before using the staple gun to keep the fabric in place, I used hundreds of pins to plot and plan
 how each wrinkle and crease would fall. This was the most tedious part of the whole project!

Step 3: Staple minimally but enough to keep everything secured. I stapled along the sides and all over the bottom of the chair. The sides I had to be conscious of because it is visible, but on the under part of the chair I went a little staple crazy! 
It took a while to get used to using the staple gun so lots of staples
had to be pulled out. These are just some of the staples I had to twist and pull out with my fingers.
*Note to self: Invest in pliers before doing this again
Step 4: Finishing touches

The sides where I had to staple the fabric looked a little sloppy to me so I 
added buttons and pipping to cover any mistakes!

Step 5: Enjoy the finished chair!!

This was really my first crafty thing I had time to do this summer and I love that now I can enjoy my rejuvenated little rocking chair in our kitchen nook!


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